Wallpaper Installation and Removal.

Wallpaper is often the step needed to take your space to the next level.  The use of wallpaper brings extra depth, contrast, and warmth to the room.  However, for wallpaper to work, it has to be done right.  Accurate wall measurements, cuts, and surface preparation all factor into a professional vs. DIY wall. 

M. Carlson has a professional wallpaper team dedicated to completing the job right the first time. Get your complimentary estimate now!

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Adam of M. Carlson Painting is a WIA member and wallcovering installer school residential installation specialist graduate.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Our team will prep the work area for wet applications of various solutions and water.
Once the wallpaper is saturated, tools are used to release the paper, glue, etc.  Our team will wash the walls to remove the remaining glue.  After the glue and wallpaper have been removed, the surface is prepped.  Mud is applied and sanded in areas that were affected by the removal process. One coat of appropriate primer is applied to ensure adhesion of topcoats and two coats of high-quality paint are applied. The work area is thoroughly cleaned upon completion.

Wallpaper Installation

The MCP team properly cleans the walls, patches, and sands as needed.  Walls are then primed or sized, then allowed to dry.  Wall height is measured, allowing an extra 6 inches for trimming.  Pieces are cut to the appropriate length.
A plumb line is marked to ensure a straight start.  Wallpaper is applied carefully.  Paper is smoothed with proper tools.  Corners are cut around openings as needed and caulk is applied to fill gaps.  Holes are cut over outlets.  Work areas will be thoroughly cleaned.

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