Professional Drywall Hanging, Finishing, or Repair.

The durability of finish work depends greatly on the surface it is applied to.   M. Carlson Painting offers drywall hanging, finishing, or repair.  Our work with finishes helps identify surface repairs needed before any finish work is applied.

Our expertise leads to longer-lasting finishes and smoother surfaces.  MCP also specializes in ceiling textures and the removal of popcorn textures.  

MCP crews will work with your project manager to make sure the project is completed in a timely fashion and ready for your finish work. Get your estimate now! 

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Drywall Repair, Hanging and Finishing

Project Consultation

Your Project Manager will meet with you to discuss your goals and timeline for your project. The Project Manager will be your point person to contact with any concerns or needs during your project.

Repair and/or Hanging of Drywall

Areas needing repair will be but cut out, replaced, and finished. New installs will begin with the ceiling area first, and move to the perimeter of the room. Proper hanging processes will be used to help prevent cracking and shifting. All holes for the screws will be below surface.

Finishing Drywall

All openings will be mudded and sanded smooth (may require multiple applications). Before mud on seams dries, tape will be applied to joints. The process will be repeated the following day. Surface will be sanded and smoothed in preparation for primer and top coats of paint. 14. If applicable, corner beads are applied as well in certain instances

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